Payments Accepted


Do you sell to the public?
Yes, we are a retail meat market with a 30' fresh meat case with beef, pork, and chicken..

What are your hours?
10:00AM to 5:50PM Monday through Saturday
Closed Sunday

Do you sell meat packs?
Yes we do. See Meat Packs for details.

Do you have to buy a meat pack?
No, you can purchase just what you want and we package it for your convenience.

Can I get steaks cut the thickness I want?
Yes we can cut the thickness you specify.

Do you sell half and quarter beef?
We do not have access to hanging beef, but can build an equivalent with more flexiablity only from boxed beef. Contact us if you have more questions.

Do you sell fish?
We only have frozen fish, such as catfish, crawfish and some shrimp.


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